Solo at RedSonic 2013 -festival
A clip from my improvised solo laptop (Malegra) performance at the RedSonic First Edition 2013 festival in London, UK ( The set was 8 channels diffused (by Constantinos Kontos) over the 56 loudspeaker BEAST-system – the audio here is a stereo-mixdown. The set lasted for approx. 20 min, this is the latter half from it.

Objects that float on the surface (2013)

Objects that float on the surface was a semi-improvised solo laptop performance in the BEAST: Encounters -festival on 15.2.2013 (Elgar Concert Hall, Bramall Music Building, Birmingham). During the day I did two “dress rehearsals” before the concert as well as the set in the concert itself – this is the second rehearsal. I had decided in advance largely the source materials I was using, the initial settings for my instrument as well as certain sound types I would be focusing on, but the rest was improvised. It was an 8ch set diffused over the 96-loudspeaker BEAST-system (diffusion in the concert was handled by Constantinos Kontos), so this is very much a stereo reduction. I still have the 8ch mix of this as well, email me if you’re curious and I’ll send them to you.

An extract from a duo with Jamie Coleman
from the Workshop Concert Series 30.1.2012 in Cafe Oto, London:

In these recordings I play an electronic instrument which I have designed for myself for free-improvisation in electroacoustic contexts. The instrument is built in the visual programming language Max and is based on granular synthesis controlled by Markov-chains and Lehmer’s linear congruence formula, hence Markov-Lehmer granulator or Malegra.